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The EU elections on June 6 to 9 2024 will define Europe’s direction through urgent global crises.

Disinformation actors look to threaten the elections and influencer voters.

This centre brings analysts and responders together to identify and defend against disinformation threats and to enable further scalable collaboration with those who want to defend democracy.

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This is a community-effort that brings together organisations of all types to effectively respond to disinformation. Email us now to find how how you could get involved.


Latest Reports

  • Sanctioned Russian Media Entities and Individuals Accessible on TikTok

    Authors:Rikard Friberg von Sydow, Södertörn UniversitySaman Nazari, Alliance4Europe.  Contributor:Science Feedback This Flash report was made possible through a collaboration facilitated by the EU Election ISAC. Case As a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which started in 2014 and reached full-scale in 2022, the EU enacted sanctions against a number of…

  • Benin-based FB Page Attacking Macron & Ukraine

    Benin-based FB Page Attacking Macron & Ukraine

    Authors:Kristina Gildejeva, Independent,Saman Nazari, Alliance4Europe.  This Flash report was made possible through a collaboration facilitated by the EU Election ISAC. Note: this report contains un-archived links. We have found no reliable way to achieve Facebook links. Case The Facebook page Patriotes de France is running ads targeting France with anti-Macron and Ukraine content without disclosing the funder of the ads. Since August…